Redefining Teaching and Learning

#Flipped Classroom #Blended Learning #Buzz Words Galore!

Technology tops the list of areas experiencing a bell curve pace of advancement.  But what does it all mean?  Why use iPads, Chromebooks, or laptops in the classroom?  What’s up with Plickers, Quizlet, or Kahoot?  Why not use them?  Who’s using them, how, and what’s the impact on student achievement?  At the end of the day, unless we’re improving the learning experience of students, what’s the point?

Great questions are easy to ask and sometimes tough to answer.  The SAMR model, aligned with Bloom’s taxonomy, is a great starting point.  Whether you’re using technology for the first time or the millionth time, it’s a tool designed to help educators think intentionally about how and why to use technology in a variety of settings.   Maybe you’re looking to flip your classroom.  Personalized learning might be on your district’s agenda.  If transforming the learning experience of students is something you’re hoping to accomplish by leveraging technology, take a close look a the SAMR model.

By Jeannie Sponheim

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