General Resources

Community for teachers sharing ideas: Edutopia
Connecting education and technology: Edudemic
Scaffolded News Articles for Students: Newsela

Educational Software

Fun Formative Assessments: Kahoot and Quizlet
Multimedia Timeline Creator
Digital Assessment Creator: Google Forms
Digital, Shareable Sticky-Notes: Google Keep
Image Editor: Pixlr
Graphic Organizer Creator:
Simplistic Screencasting: Voicethread
Interactive Slideshow Creator: Nearpod
Music Creator: Finale

Helpful Do-It-All Math Site: GeoGebra
Online Graphing Tool: Desmos
Database of Interactive Science Sites
3D Design: Tinkercad and Sketchup

Social Sciences:
Annotate Maps: Scribblemaps
Government Lessons & Games: iCivics
Database of Primary Sources: Library of Congress


Schoology Screencast: How To Post Discussions
Schoology Screencast: How To Post Assignments

Personalized Learning

Flipped and Blended
Background on Why Blended Learning
TED Talk: Blended Learning Is/Is Not
Literacy Centers and Blended Learning - 2nd Grade
High School Geometry Blended Learning Classroom Example
37 Blended Learning Strategies You Can Use Tomorrow
Observing Blended Learning - What to Look For
Blended Learning Rubric for Teacher Self-Assessment
Is your building/district ready for Blended Learning?
Are you ready for Blended Learning?